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Frequently Asked Questions

At Expert Garage Doors, we have over 17 years of experience helping our clients purchase, install, and maintain their garage doors. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for treating our customers as if they were the only customer we have, providing all of our clients with fast, personal, high-quality service. That’s one of […]

Potential Dangers of Garage Doors

Garage doors are very unique in their design and functionality. It is most often the largest moving component of any home and serves the important role of protecting everything inside the garage while also allowing for easy access to and from the garage. While they are very helpful, important, and useful, they can be dangerous—especially […]

Ridding Your Garage of Pests

Unfortunately, garages are an ideal place for rats, spiders, insects, and other pests to live. Creatures like those enjoy living in dark, cozy, protected areas, making garages that are filled with unattended storage items a perfect place for them to build their homes. A lot of people use their garage as a storage unit and […]

Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Let’s face it: everyone’s garage could use a little organization. Some definitely need more than others, but there’s no question that garages seem to be one of the hardest spaces in the house to keep tidy. Because they are wide open spaces with no definite purpose, they attract all of the random household objects that […]

4 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Garage

Everybody’s garage seems to serve a different purpose. For some, it’s simply a place to store their cars, especially during the winter. For others, it serves as a place to keep everything that they couldn’t find a place for in their house. Other people have dedicated their garage to tools and yard supplies. And a […]

4 Reasons You Need an Insulated Garage Door

We all know that your garage is commonly the room in your home with the most uncomfortable temperature. In the summer, stepping into your garage is like stepping into a swamp. The heat and mugginess hits you right in the face. Consequently, during the winter months, if you exhale in your garage you’ll likely see […]

How Does Winter Effect Your Garage Door?

We aren’t quite to winter yet, but we all know that here in Utah, fall only lasts a matter of weeks. We go from warm weather to frigid and freezing temperatures fairly quickly, and within the next month, you can expect to see quite a drop in temperatures. In fact, this winter is supposed to […]

The Top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

There are few things more frustrating than getting in your car to go to work when you’re already running late, hitting the button to open the garage, and then nothing happen. Absolutely nothing. You’re essentially trapped within your garage, and you’re no expert, so how are you supposed to figure out how to safely get […]

How Your Overhead Garage Door Works

How Does Your Garage Door Work? Most residential garage doors are overheads, which roll up on a track and fold up in sectional pieces to get onto the ceiling, or “overhead.” Here is a quick overview on how your overhead garage door functions…