Roller and track garage doorA garage door requires a multitude of different components to properly function, especially if you want to enjoy the modern convenience of an automatic garage door. If even one of the pieces of a garage door system is broken or installed incorrectly, it will make the system cease to work, and may even cause further damage.

Garage door rollers move along the metal track to ensure that your garage opens and closes on the right path. At A Plus Garage Doors, our technicians are quite familiar with problems that arise from garage door rollers, and they can typically fix them in their sleep. Learn more about these services, below.

Fixing jammed doors

If a roller becomes loose, or if a garage door track gets bent out of shape, then it can cause the whole door to become jammed, unable to open or close past a certain point. There are a variety of reasons why a garage door might become jammed. Our experienced technicians can help you identify this problem and ensure that the rollers are able to properly move along the track to allow your garage door to open and close.

Roller replacements

Over time, garage door rollers might become worn or damaged, and may need to be replaced, just like any other mechanical component in your home. Our team specializes in professional, safe, and timely garage door repairs. For this reason, we often carry specific types of garage door rollers in our maintenance trucks, or have them available at our location, if a roller needs to be replaced.

Regular maintenance

We do regular garage door maintenance for a variety of clients, in order to prevent the need for garage door repair services in the future. Part of our regular maintenance is making sure that the rollers in a garage door system are properly lubricated. Lubrication ensures that the rollers can move smoothly along the track and work in conjunction with the spring and opener.

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