Salt Lake City in the Salt Lake valleySalt Lake City, being the capital of Utah, is a diverse city full of different families, individuals, and professionals with different needs. A Plus Garage Doors caters to each unique client and is understanding of their specific installation and needs from their garage door. We work to make sure that the people of Salt Lake City get quick, convenient, and professional service to get their garage doors back on track (both literally and figuratively).

Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair Services

The following are some of the repair services that we offer to the people of Salt Lake City.

Garage Door Springs

Springs are one of the most important components in a garage door system, despite being one of the least recognized. Over time, a spring can get damaged or lose its effectiveness, and needs to be replaced. Always contact a professional to replace your garage door spring, as it can be very dangerous to do it on your own!

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors don’t do you much good if you can’t open and close them. At A Plus Garage Doors, we always keep a supply of garage door openers to help people replace faulty or outdated openers. We also have plenty of experience in recognizing and fixing the problems that make garage door openers cease to work.

Garage Panels and Cables

A garage door is often a major part of the external view of a home or business. For this reason, it is important to keep it looking nice and spiffy. We can replace broken garage door panels and cables that could make your garage look rundown and aesthetically displeasing.

Salt Lake City Garage Door Installation Services

No matter what style of garage door your prefer, or if you are a commercial or residential client, A Plus Garage Doors is able to offer garage door installation services to any home or business in Salt Lake City. We can install a wide variety of doors to fit your home or company’s specific personality and needs!

Call for Help, Today!

If you or someone you know is in need of any garage door repair or installation services throughout Salt Lake City or the surrouding areas, then don’t hesitate to give our professional and caring team a call, today! At A Plus Garage Doors, we help businesses and homeowners maximize the potential of their garages with impeccable garage door services.

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Awesome service! I spoke with Sara on the phone, very empathetic and professional. It was the end of day but she arranged to have a Technician come over. Tony was very efficient and skilled repairman. He made short work of my door and had me back in business that night. Thank you Tony and... everyone at A+ Garage Doors! Highly recommended!read more
A fantastic customer service experience! Jason put in extra work to get our garage door opened when it was stuck. He worked tirelessly, long past the time I would have expected from him, and tried multiple different strategies to get us set up. All of this on a weekend! The job did not look easy,... and I’m not sure whether other technicians would have been able to get it done. Once the garage door was opened, Jason diagnosed a few problems in our garage door and fixed those too — same day! The price is ultimately very reasonable. Much cheaper than replacing the garage door, at least. And, honestly, without the great work of A+ Garage Doors, I’m sure that’s what we would have had to do. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. If you are in a bind with your garage door, this is who you have to call!read more
They showed up on time did the job quickly efficiently and very neatly. Left no garbage, hauled old door and motor away. Technician was very informative and helpful and covered any details I could think of. I am very well pleased! Thank you so much! Door works great!
Our new garage door opener was installed in about an hour and it's working great! Thanks for the quick response and expert service.
I was able to schedule service on a Sunday to be done the next day. The work was explained clearly and done quickly and efficiently.