three garage doors driveway homeAt A Plus Garage Doors, we do a lot more than just repair your current garage door, but offer a variety of different garage door types that come in an array of different designs. We can help you outfit your home or business with an incredible new garage door that improves functionality, property values, and the look of your property. Check out the types of garage doors we offer, below.


Steel is one of the most popular materials for new garage doors, as it can come in a variety of different looks and styles, and tends to be very sleek. You can also get steel doors in a variety of different colors, and they can be easily painted. The main draw of steel doors is that they are incredibly durable, and aren’t going to be damaged by knocks or dings, nearly as often.


The primary appeal of wooden garage doors is the classic and timeless style that it brings to your home’s exterior. Of any garage door material, wooden doors tend to have the biggest boon to your curb appeal, due to the natural aesthetic. We provide a variety of wooden garage doors that work for a wide array of homes and businesses.


Glass garage aren’t 100% glass, but instead are made from an array of windows that are slotted into an aluminum from, which spans the entire area of the garage door. Glass garage doors can be quite expensive, but raise the value of your home, considerably. They also provide a ton of natural light inside of your garage, making it more pleasant to be in.


Vinyl garage doors are relatively new, as far as building materials go. Vinyl doors, along with their fiberglass counterparts, are able to withstand a ton of wear-and-tear, and are incredibly weather resistant (which is a crucial benefit for people who live in Utah). Vinyl also tends to be quite inexpensive, and comes in a variety of different colors and designs.


Aluminum garage doors are quite similar to steel garage doors, but with some notable differences. Aluminum is a lot lighter, which means less wear-and-tear on your garage door opener mechanism. It’s also a bit cheaper than steel, unless you go really high end. However, aluminum doors aren’t quite as durable or strong as steel garage doors.

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