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Tips for Servicing Your Garage Door

Your home’s overhead garage door probably sees a lot of action throughout the year, perhaps even being opened and closed 3 or 4 times a day. Over time, that adds up to a lot of usage and strain on a mechanical system that is dependent on several different parts. For this reason, it is important […]

What to Do about a Malfunctioning Garage Sensor

One of the most important safety features in your garage is the motion sensor, which prevents the door from closing when it senses that something is in the way. This averts such disasters as the garage door closing on a tool box, which can cause it to get a hung cable or go off its […]

Understanding Garage Insulation

Your garage provides a perfect transition between the outside world and your home. It acts as a shelter for your car, your sporting and gardening equipment, storage for food and Christmas decorations, and sometimes even a workspace for various projects. For most of these functions, it’s good for the garage to be an enclosed shelter. […]

Natural Daylight in Your Garage

A garage doesn’t have to be a dark hole on the side of your home. Lighting is an important amenity to figure out in any garage. However, this goes beyond just adding lighting fixtures in your garage. If you really want your garage to feel like a part of your home, then you should look […]

Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Garage Door

Your garage door makes up a significant portion of what people see of your home from the street, if you have an attached garage like many modern homes. Because of this, it’s in every homeowner’s best interest to make sure that their garage door is aesthetically pleasing to look at and fits in with the […]

Improving Security on Your Garage

Securing your garage is a major part of securing the rest of your home. Oftentimes, would be burglars and intruders will prefer to enter a home through the garage, as it provides cover from neighbors, and garage to home doors are often less secure. For that reason, it is important to make sure that your […]

DIY Projects to Work On in Garage

A garage is able to function as the perfect workspace, if you are able to set it up that way. If you are able to section out part of your garage as an area that won’t get taken up by a vehicle, then you’ll have a nifty little area where you can make all kinds […]

Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Like any mechanical element in the home, garage doors aren’t without their share of minor issues. Many of us know the feeling of coming home after a long day and finding the garage door we thought was closed sitting wide open. In many cases, this is due to a fairly simple issue that you can […]

Advice for Choosing Garage Door Style

Before you move forward with garage door installation, you have a few big decisions to make about your new door. First and foremost is your material and the style you’re going for, both of which set the baseline for all other decisions you’ll make during the process. At Professional Garage Door Service, we’re here to […]