vinyl garage doorsVinyl is the most durable and long-lasting material that you can choose for your garage door. Rust-proof, dent-proof, and weather-proof, vinyl garage doors will last (at least) as long as your home does.

For this reason, vinyl is one of the most popular materials used for garage doors today. Although they are often found to be more expensive than either wooden doors or common steel-plated doors, their long-lasting warranties soon prove their worth. Here at Expert Garage Doors, we use the finest materials and the most careful installation to ensure that your garage door functions perfectly for years to come.

Vinyl Door Options

Vinyl is unique from most other doors in that it doesn’t have a coating of paint. The color and texture is determined by the resin from which it’s constructed. For this reason, there can be less options for color and texture in vinyl doors than in other kinds. However, many customers find that they can still find a color and design that suits their home’s planned exterior. And thanks to its under-the-surface coloring, vinyl garage doors resist the appearance of dings and scratches, which is a worthwhile tradeoff to customers seeking durability and low maintenance.

Benefits of Vinyl Garage Doors

  • Durability: Wooden garage doors quickly become susceptible to weathering. Steel garage doors are easily dented. Glass doors can become damaged. However, vinyl doors are the most durable option that you can choose for your garage door. In fact, many vinyl garage doors come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Insulation options: Most vinyl doors include options for insulation, although homeowners can choose to have a vinyl door without insulation as well.
  • Cost-effective: Although vinyl garage doors aren’t always the lowest price up front, their long-lasting effects quickly make up the initial cost. Overall, vinyl garage doors are a great value for homeowners.
  • Appearance: Vinyl garage doors often have more limited options in appearance. Textured effects aren’t as precise as we can achieve with steel doors, and because vinyl doors aren’t painted, their colors are more limited. However, if the appearance matches what you want for your home, then vinyl is a fantastic option.

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Here at Expert Garage Doors, we offer vinyl door options from Northwest Door and Amarr. We work with these producers because we love the quality of the work they do, and we love to offer our customers the beautiful options from their showrooms. To learn more about our vinyl garage door options, or to get a quote for your project, give us a call today at (801) 876-1517.