A noisy garage door can get quite obnoxious, really fast. Not just for you, but even your neighbors as well. If your garage door is making a ton of noise and you just can’t get it to stop, our team at A Plus Garage Doors has the experience and expertise to get the racket to stop and make for a more pleasant home. We help people in Utah to have smooth, quiet doors.

A technician works on a garage door opener

Identifying the problem

The first thing that our experts do when assessing how to get your garage door to stop making so much noise is determine what exactly is causing all of the ruckus. Here are some of the most common culprits that we’ve found…


  • Springs: A spring is an important component of any garage door, but they wear down over time. A spring that is old or replaced improperly can be incredibly creaky, especially if it is the wrong tension.
  • Nuts and bolts: If your garage shakes and rattles every time you open it, then it is likely that many of the nuts and bolts that are holding it together have loosened over time. This causes it to shake and shriek. This is something that you could try solving yourself, if you’d like, or you can have one of our professionals do it for you.
  • Rollers: Rollers are made of different materials, such as metal or nylon. Old nylon rollers have a tendency to creak and moan when they roll. For this, we often recommend getting new rollers, such as our precision bearing nylon rollers that come with a full lifetime warranty. On the other hand, you can also try using metal lubricant to get rid of the noise.
  • Hinges: Old garage doors tend to wear down on many of their components. Garage door hinges are no exception, and will begin to creak louder and louder over time. We try lubricating these parts to solve the problem, usually, but if that doesn’t work, then they may need to be replaced.
  • Insulation: It’s hard to get your garage to make absolutely no noise. It’s a big piece of machinery that is usually opening up to a room that is an acoustic noise chamber, due to concrete walls. However, we can solve some of this by placing insulation at key points in your garage door system.
  • Opener: The actually opener may be having issues with the motor. If this is the case, then our team is experienced at finding the problem with the opener, and can either fix it on site, or may need to take it back to our shop to fix it there.