Advice for Choosing Garage Door Style

Before you move forward with garage door installation, you have a few big decisions to make about your new door. First and foremost is your material and the style you’re going for, both of which set the baseline for all other decisions you’ll make during the process.

At Professional Garage Door Service, we’re here to help walk you through all of your options to help you make the right decision on style and materials. Here are some additional tips while going through this part of the process.

Climate and Materials

For the garage door to provide optimal functionality and protection, the materials and the climate need to go together. Metal and fiberglass doors tend to be more durable and last longer, and they offer some resistance to salt in the air – a consideration for Utah residents anywhere near the Great Salt Lake. Wood doors are more costly than metal, but they can be the top option for someone prioritizing aesthetics.

Match the Architecture

Once you’ve chosen material, it’s time to think more about the look of your door. With all the customizable options available today, you can match the design here with your home’s architecture easily – both in color and in other design elements. If your home is window-heavy, for instance, there are custom garage doors with miniature windows in them.

Ensure Safety Requirements

The garage door is a functional part of the home, and you need to ensure that this function – safety and protection – is kept up. Consider different styles based on the space in your garage and the type of door you’re using, and also ensure that it’s safe for the home’s occupants, particularly if any children are present. If needed, teach your family a few safety tips around the garage door.

Understand Required Maintenance

Like any other mechanical feature, the garage door should be serviced regularly to ensure the structural integrity remains sound. Ask your installation expert about what kinds of maintenance your door needs, and any signs you should be looking out for.

To learn more about garage door selection or any of our other garage door services, speak to the experts at Professional Garage Door Service today.