Well-Organized Garage

Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Let’s face it: everyone’s garage could use a little organization. Some definitely need more than others, but there’s no question that garages seem to be one of the hardest spaces in the house to keep tidy. Because they are wide open spaces with no definite purpose, they attract all of the random household objects that don’t seem to belong anywhere. Yard supplies, tools, cars, unused furniture, seasonal decorations, and more miscellaneous objects commonly find their homes in the garage and when all of these random items come together, things can get messy pretty fast.

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Man Squatting in Garage

4 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Garage

Everybody’s garage seems to serve a different purpose. For some, it’s simply a place to store their cars, especially during the winter. For others, it serves as a place to keep everything that they couldn’t find a place for in their house. Other people have dedicated their garage to tools and yard supplies. And a lot of people’s garages are unfortunately full of unorganized junk.

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