The Top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

There are few things more frustrating than getting in your car to go to work when you’re already running late, hitting the button to open the garage, and then nothing happen. Absolutely nothing. You’re essentially trapped within your garage, and you’re no expert, so how are you supposed to figure out how to safely get yourself(and your car) out of your garage? If you are having garage problems, you should always call an expert, but here are the top reasons that your garage door isn’t working!

Transmitter batteries are dead


Luckily, this is a really easy problem to check and fix! See if the transmitter on your wall is working and will open the garage door. If it is, then it’s just the batteries! Simply swap out your batteries, and you’re good to go.


The sensor is dirty or out of place


You know that invisible sensor near the floor of your garage that prevents your garage from shutting if something is in the way? If those get dirty or something is in the way of it, it won’t function as a safety feature. There is one sensor on either side, so go ahead and inspect these and see if they are dirty or blocked! Usually this is the case if your garage door opened, but won’t close.


The track is not aligned


This is a common cause of garage problems, and unfortunately, is a dangerous one. You can easily tell if it’s off the tracks by looking at the tracks and seeing if any of the rollers are off the track, or if there are any bends in the rails. If this is your problem, call an uber to take you to work, and call a garage tech to come and repair the track!


The springs are broken


If the transmitters are working, and there is power to the motor, your issue may be that the springs broke. If you’re home when these break, you’ll hear a pretty loud bang within your home. This is another dangerous issue to fix, and you should call a professional to come and fix the torsion springs!


The disconnect switch is enabled


Every garage door comes with a disconnect switch, just in case the power goes out. This switch is usually attached to a rope or a knob. If the switch accidentally came unhooked, it’s possible that your garage door won’t happen until it is reattached.

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