Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Like any mechanical element in the home, garage doors aren’t without their share of minor issues. Many of us know the feeling of coming home after a long day and finding the garage door we thought was closed sitting wide open.

In many cases, this is due to a fairly simple issue that you can either fix or at least identify from home. At Expert Garage Doors, we’re here to help you anytime professionals are required – but here are some things you can do before our professional garage door service is necessarily required.

Keep an Eye Out

In some cases, you’ll simply be able to see the problem – or at least signs of it. Visible damage to springs or rollers is obvious reason for concern, and if you notice the light on the ceiling opener flashing as you hold the wall switch, this is a classic sign that something is going wrong within the opening or closing process.

Sensor Checks

Every garage has sensors that check to make sure nothing is in the way of the door that’s preparing to close, and some of the most common garage issues take place with these sensors. Check that nothing is in the way of these small beams of light, and make sure there hasn’t been any bending or disrupting of the sensors to change their angle. Finally, make sure they aren’t being disrupted by dust or other air particles.

Manual Closing

In other cases, the garage may not close due to an issue with the remote itself. In these cases, it will usually be possible to close the door manually by holding the pressure plate on your indoor switch. If this doesn’t work, you can often still use the hanging string to pull the door down manually. If it still won’t go down at this point, the issue is likely elsewhere. If it does go down, you know you probably have an issue with your remote or something in the electrical system.

Troubleshooting With Manual

If none of the above strategies gets the job done, take out the garage’s manual and follow troubleshooting instructions. If there are areas where the manual recommends consulting a professional, or if you’re uncomfortable performing any of these tasks, give us a call and avoid putting yourself at risk.

Want to learn more about garage door issues, or interested in garage door repair? Speak to the pros at Expert Garage Doors today.