Garage doors with light windows

Natural Daylight in Your Garage

A garage doesn’t have to be a dark hole on the side of your home. Lighting is an important amenity to figure out in any garage. However, this goes beyond just adding lighting fixtures in your garage. If you really want your garage to feel like a part of your home, then you should look for ways to add natural daylight in your garage, just like you would any other room.

Why You Want Natural Light

First of all, let’s address why you should even want natural light in the first place! Natural light is good for your mental health, and makes any indoor space more enjoyable to be in. Having natural light in your garage means that you’ll be more inclined to get out there to clean or work on projects you have sitting in there. In addition, natural light in any room increases the value and curb appeal of your home, and that includes your garage.

Ways to Add Natural Light

There are a variety of different ways that you can add natural light in your own garage. These special home projects can give you all of the benefits of natural light, but in the comfort of your garage:

  • Wall Windows: Obviously, the clearest way to get natural light into an indoor space is to add windows. If your garage doesn’t have any windows on the perimeter, then it’s going to be fairly dark inside. Adding wall windows to your garage works the same as adding a window to any other room.
  • Door Windows: A large amount of the perimeter of your garage is taken up by your garage door. For this reason, adding windows to your garage door brings more natural light in, and also makes your garage door more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Glass Doors: Glass garage doors are made by placing glass panels in an aluminum frame. They are a fairly luxurious garage door style, and add significantly to home value, in addition to letting in natural light.
  • Skylights: You can also get natural light in your garage by letting it come through the ceiling. You can do this by installing one or more skylights on the roof of your garage.



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