Being ready for Utah’s Winters

Nice garage door in winterAt Expert Garage Doors, we understand that Utah winters can have their fair deal of harsh and destructive weather. While the Utah snow is one reason that we all love living here, it’s safe to say that we prefer all of those elements to be outside of our homes. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure that your garage is weather sealed to keep the elements out and to better insulate your home. Our team provides several products and services to help with garage door weather sealing:

Bottom seals and thresholds

One of the most important aspects of weather sealing a garage door is to make sure that the bottom portion of the garage door is properly keeping moisture out and insulating the garage. More often than not, an uneven and unsealed garage door bottom is what is causing the temperature to drop in your garage, which is probably affecting your home and costing you in energy. Our technicians can repair and replace the bottom garage door seal and also install a threshold on the ground where your garage and driveway meet, so that it creates a proper vacuum seal.

Replacing worn trim

The trim around your garage is liable to be damaged and worn, over the years, due to the harsh elements of Utah winters. Our technicians at Expert Garage Doors understand this, which is why we offer services to replace and repair the trim around a garage door to get rid of rotting wood and other materials, and update the trim with weather-sealed options that are befitting of a Utah-based home.

Weatherstrip sides and top

While the main key to weather sealing your garage door is to manage the bottom seal and threshold, it is also important to take precautions to seal the sides and top of your garage. For this, we offer our clients professional-grade weatherstrip that can be tacked onto the sides and bottom of your garage door to keep the elements out.