Herriman garage repair

Herriman in the Salt Lake valleyAt Expert Garage Doors, we work hard and dedicate ourselves to serving the people of northern Utah. Our Herriman location ensures that people on the south and west side of the valley have a garage door solution for their homes and businesses. Our years of experience help efficiently and professionally manage garage door repair and installation.

Garage springs

For many garage doors, one of the most important components is the spring. Sadly, many people and businesses neglect their garage door’s spring, over time. Whether your garage door has a torsion spring or extension spring, it needs maintenance, over time! Be sure to not try to replace a garage door spring, on your own, as it should be handled by a professional.

Garage door openers

You never realize how much you miss having a functional garage door opener until you don’t have one. Our team at Expert Garage Doors has tons of experience in fixing faulty garage door openers. And, if your opener really isn’t coming back, we always keep a stock of various garage door openers to help replace it, quickly.

Cables and panels

Few things are as much of a threat to the functionality and safety of a garage door than worn and damaged cables. Having a cable snap won’t only make your garage door inoperational, but it can also be incredibly dangerous if you are around when it happens. Expert Garage Doors is experienced in conducting routine maintenance and replacing broken garage cables and panels.

Herriman garage installation

Herriman is a quickly growing area that is filling with new homes and businesses. At Expert Garage Doors, we seek to help serve the people of Herriman to help them with all of their garage door installation needs. We offer a wide variety of different garage door styles, whether a home or business is looking for a sleek modern design, or is looking for something that feels more classic or rustic.